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At Canada Suites we welcome responsible pet lovers and their well behaved pets.

When you go on your vacations or your trips, you always feel bad leaving your four legged best friend at home.  They can be left at a friend’s house, at a kennel, or a boarding facility, but whatever you decide will eat up your money (which can be used on your trip) and will cause heartache leaving your pet behind. However, now you have a forth option: Bring your pet with you on your trip! You may not be convinced that bringing your pet with you when you stay at Canada Suites is the best idea, but we can show you that it is.

The accommodation at Canada Suites are not like your regular hotel room,  where you have a tiny room. Instead you will have a full apartment where you and your pet can spread out and not feel crammed in. Your pet will be able to roam the suites and will have a much better time than they would if they stayed in a tiny kennel cage.

There are also plenty of parks and dog friendly areas in Toronto, and many of them within walking distance from the Canada Suites building (736 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario). If you are looking to take your dog for a quick walk close by, you can take them to College Park, but if you are looking to give your dog a longer run you can head to Queen’s Park, a large urban park behind the Ontario Legislative Building.
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The downtown area is known for the amazing shopping and that doesn’t stop just with humans. There are many pet stores and boutiques, all close to the Canada Suites building. If you run out of pet food or need some pet treats, then you can head to Petropolis Pets, a pet store two blocks away.  If you are looking for something for your pet to wear, head to K9 Couture or My Pet Boutique, to pick your pet a new outfit.

If your pet gets sick or need to see a Veterinarian, then you have your pick of over 6 animal hospitals and emergency clinics in the area. Your pet can get the attention it needs and they won’t have to go far.

Pet policy: Guests must notify Canada Suites via email that they will be bringing a pet with them prior to their arrival. Nightly pet fee, suite cleaning after pet stay fee and fully refundable pet damage deposit will apply. Email us for further details.